Director of Operations

Ms. Awaad has more than 15 years of experience in project management, operations management and scientific publishing in the GCC and MENA regions, as well as in Canada. She assumes a critical role in the overall management and the execution of translation and publishing projects and commercial operations of LexiMondo.

Ms. Awaad is managing LexiMondo operations in accordance with a strict quality assurance system for in-house and external vendors. Her main objective is maintaining effective client relationships in order to maintain a high level of client satisfaction, in addition to ensuring the provision of top-quality services to clients and partners alike. Ms. Awaad leads teams of highly qualified professionals through a satellite network of physical and virtual offices. Ms. Awaad operates from our headquarter facilities in Ontario, Canada, and frequently visits our offices elsewhere.

Ms. Awaad holds a BSc. in Engineering, MBA from the University of Liverpool (UK), a Master’s degree in Planning from the University of Waterloo in addition to PMP designation from the Project Management Institute (USA).