The term ‘lexicography’ is commonly used in two distinct senses: first, it refers to the compilation, or making, of dictionaries; and second, it refers to the study of dictionaries. It is the first sense that our company is concerned with, i.e. the making of specialized dictionaries. The core material of lexicography is the ‘dictionary’, ‘glossary’ or ‘wordbook’, the commonest variety of reference work.

Our translators and lexicographers have worked hand-in-hand over the past two decades, under the direct supervision of our chief linguist to develop compile, translate and edit more than ten encyclopedic dictionaries in fields ranging from Radiology and Radiography to Astronomy and Astrophysics. In addition to a huge number of general and specialized dictionaries in the English-Arabic-English language domain.

Our company can compile, translate and edit both print and electronic dictionaries in almost any field of science. We love to make dictionaries!

Contact us today to discuss your lexicographic needs, whether this is a glossary for internal use or a dictionary for the general public or for a specific audience.